The following companies will be exhibiting at PetroPhase 2014:


Vindum Engineering, your worldwide supplier for fluid flow, high-pressure laboratory equipment. Offering best-in-class sourcing from numerous manufacturers, plus custom engineering services for unique applications.  United States distributor for Vinci Technologies. Vinci Technologies design and manufacture laboratory equipment dedicated to flow assurance studies including asphaltene and wax deposition, scaling and hydrates formation.

www.vinci-technologies.com  www.vindum.com

With the upcoming neMESYS 2XL, cetoni extends its high-performance syringe pump line-up to up to 20,000 psi. Together with the wide range of fluid control modules as well as various special-purpose syringes and accessories, cetoni provides a comprehensive and modular fluidic actuation equipment – your  fast track to task-specific set-ups from R&D and quality control to production.


Waters Corporation creates business advantages for laboratory-dependent organizations by delivering practical and sustainable scientific innovation to enable significant advancement in healthcare delivery, environmental management, food safety, and water quality. Waters Division products are used by pharmaceutical, life science, biochemical, industrial, academic and government organizations working in research and development, quality assurance and other laboratory applications. Waters UPLC, HPLC and MS instruments and consumables are used in a broad range of industries to measure the chemical, physical and biological composition of materials. Waters Division is also headquartered in Milford, Massachusetts.


TECLIS INSTRUMENTS is the leader in innovation for instruments market of physical chemistry of surfaces and interfaces since 1991. The company designs, manufactures, markets equipment, and provides analysis to characterize dispersed systems such as foams and emulsions.
Key technology, image analysis, is used in all instruments. A complete range of measuring instruments is available to study and understand interfaces properties in liquid/liquid, solid/liquid and gas/liquid.
TECLIS INSTRUMENTS uses innovative engineering to develop powerful instruments and software solutions which are easy to use and provide good value for researchers both in universities and industries.

Its main offer gathers:
> Innovation: customized instruments solutions to reach the most advanced results with reliable and fast protocols lead by automatic process.
> Instruments: standard equipment for foams, emulsions and bubbles study.
> Laboratory: wide range of foam analysis and tensiometry experiments.

Fields of expertise: Oil & Gas, Petroleum,  Bitumen, General chemistry, Personal care,  Cosmetics,  Pharmacy, and Food & Beverages.

“Teclis Instruments is innovation creator, not trend follower”

About KRÜSS:  Advancing your Surface Science. As specialists in interfacial chemistry and the world’s leading supplier of measuring instruments for surface and interfacial tension, we not only provide high quality product solutions – our offer is a combination of technology and scientific consulting. These include seminars, technical service, our Customer Support Lab and our Surface Science Center for professional measurement services. Many well-known companies have already been inspired by our know-how, precision and passion consulted by our offices in Hamburg, the USA, Great Britain, France and with the help of our exclusive distributor network. Acting quickly and flexibly, we are always at our customer’s doorstep in the research and development laboratories as well as quality control centers of countless industries all over the world.

Our contribution to the oil and gas industry:  Tertiary oil recovery methods, such as surfactant flooding or steam flooding, are based on the extraction of oil from the rock in a reservoir. The oil is then mobilized with water in an emulsion. Our tensiometers contribute to improving this process by measuring the interfacial tension between the oil and the surfactant solution. In addition, our instruments determine the wetting of the rock based on the contact angle in order to optimize the oil extraction. These investigations are similarly important for natural gas recovery by means of hydraulic fracturing and for the pumping and processing of bitumen.

For 20 years, Formulaction’s wish is to provide formulators with valuable information to characterize dispersions in terms of physical stability & viscoelastic properties. Because of the complex nature and fragile equilibrium of emulsions & suspensions, our aim is to offer analytical solutions which analyze the sample in its native state. Our instruments are dedicated to R&D scientists, researchers and technicians who want to develop, optimize, manufacture and control high quality products. The Turbiscan Technology is a well know technology in petroleum field to study the stability of Asphaltenes or study the quality of additive for the demulsification of the petroleum after extraction.

METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments. The company is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of weighing instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications.

PSL Systemtechnik is a German manufacturer of innovative laboratory equipment for flow assurance and physical properties. We design instruments for oil and gas and the petrochemical sector worldwide. Our core expertises are instruments for Flow Assurance e.g. Pour Point Tester acc. ASTM D 5985, Portable Rotational Viscometer, Wax Loop, Cold Finger, Solid Dissolver Tester, Flocculation Titrimeter, Differential Scale Loop and for gas hydrate research Autoclave with camera and Sapphire Rocking Cell, Turbulence Rheometer, H2S Analyser. We design custom-made solutions for your application e.g. H2S-resistant or high pressure models. Our user-friendly instruments are characterized by a high grade of automatization to reduce project durations.





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