PetroPhase 2014

The 15th International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behavior and Fouling

PetroPhase is a conference dedicated to the study of the properties and chemistry of petroleum fluids and their effect on producing, processing, and refining in the upstream, mid-stream, and downstream industries. The conference was first started in 1999 as “The International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behavior & Fouling” and has since evolved into an annual event alternating venues among international cities. It has been fortunate to have enjoyed financial and organizational support from many academic and industrial organizations through the years. In particular, the conference is traditionally organized each year by different volunteer organizations. Baker Hughes and Rice University are proud to continue the tradition by jointly organizing the 2014 PetroPhase Conference.
The 2014 PetroPhase Conference will be held in Galveston, TX at the San Luis Resort Spa & Conference Center from June 8 – 12, 2014. The conference will have oral and poster presentations from leading experts in academia and industry. In addition, the conference receptions and social events allow attendees ample opportunities to interact with colleagues working in or in the support of the petroleum industry. Opportunities also exist for scientific equipment vendors to exhibit products.

Major topics for the conference include:

Petroleum Chemistry – Analysis and characterization of petroleum chemical species including asphaltenes, resins, waxes, naphthenates, etc.

Petroleum Properties – Phase equilibria, physical properties, physical & chemical associations, fluid interactions, etc.

Emulsions – From fundamental studies to field experience in the understanding and handling petroleum oil-in-water and/or water-in-oil emulsions issues in production and processing operations for petroleum production and refining.

Flow Assurance – From fundamental studies to field experience in the understanding and management of flow assurance issues related to wax, asphaltenes, and naphthenic acid salts.

Upgrading & Fouling in Refining – From fundamental studies to field experience in the understanding and management of fouling from asphaltenes, coking, and long chain polymerization (gum deposits) in heat exchangers, furnaces, and other refinery units.

Shale Oil & Gas – It is anticipated that the PetroPhase 2014 will also include a special session related to Shale Oil & Gas petroleum fluids.

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